Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The First Ever Mr. Derivative List Challenge!

So it’s December 30th, and I am in danger of not positng a blog in the entire month of December. I have been trying to write a few different blogs to no avail. Instead of rushing to put something half-ready up, I decided to have a little fun.

With the year winding down, every critic at every news outlet is busy putting out lists of every kind. I wanted to do my own list, but I didn’t want to retread territory that has already been covered (Tim Goodman can do a much better job of telling you why The Wire is the best show to ever be on TV than I can) without giving you: my readers their choice. So instead I came up with the First Ever “Mr. Derivative All-Time List Challenge,” here is how it works:

Below you will see three Top-10 Lists, some traditional, some not so-traditional. There will be no context or analysis, just content. It is up to you, my readers to decide which list will be published and defended by me. Again allow me to clarify, you are voting for an entire list to be published and analyzed, not individual items from the separate lists. You can e-mail your votes to me at jgmosko@gmail.com. Voting is open from today through January 23rd 2009. I will post an analysis of the highest vote getter on January 3oth, 2009.

Without further ado...The Lists

Greatest TV Shows of All-Time

1. The Simpsons
2. The Wire
3. The Shield

4. South Park
5. OZ
6. The Critic

7. Family Guy
8. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
9. Entourage
10. Scrubs

Most Personally Influential Songs

1. Paul Revere by the Beastie Boys
2. Triumph by the Wu-Tang Clan
3. 911 by Wyclef Jean ft. Mary J. Blige
4. Wild Thing by The Troggs
5. Guerilla Radio by Rage Against The Machine
6. Bring the Pain by Method Man
7. Stronger by Kanye West
8. Lost One by Jay-Z
9. 2 of America’s Most Wanted by 2pac and Snoop Dogg
10. Keep Bouncin by Too Short ft. Will I. Am and Snoop Dogg

Best Simpsons Quotes of All Time:

1. "Crisitunity!”
2. "Mmmh...Floorpie!"
3. "....That Dog has a Puffy Tale!”
4."They Taste like....BURNING!”
5. "I am so Smart! SMRT!"
6."You can run...BUT YOU CAN”T GLIDE!”
7. “HEY...There’s a NEW Mexico!”
9. Marge: “Kids can be so cruel.” Bart:“We Can?” Lisa:“OWWW! CUT IT OUT BART!!”
10."C’mon! It’s Time for a Change!”

All right readers, vote early and often. Again, the winning list will be published on January 23rd, 2009.

Happy New Year!


DJSeebs said...

Ok wow, am I crazy or did you and I actually perform Wild Thing in front of our 3rd grade class? Me on keyboard and you singing?
(Also I vote for top Simpsons quotes for obvious reasons)

djfivenine said...

I can't believe you didn't include "HELP ME JEEBUS!" in the quotes.

And great great shoutout to The Critic...

but I find it surprising that all the greatest shows of all time are shows from the last 15 years. As much as I love watching Sunny and Entourage, I don't think they are close to the top shows of all times.

Gabi Moskowitz said...

Ronnie, you are so wise.

Good blog though, bro.