Friday, March 20, 2009



That was my reaction four weeks ago when my geekish Wikipediaing of Idris Elba revealed that he was going to be starting a six episode arc on The Office as a new corporate liaison for Dunder Mifflin who is set to clash with Michael Scott. If Prison Break is the equivalent of going home with the skanky friend of the hot girl, then having Stringer Bell join The Office is the equivalent of the hot girlfriend who loves sports, is a great cook and one day says, “What do you think about bringing another girl in on this?” The unreal amalgamation of awesome factors that you think will never come true, but did.

What a piece of inspired casting! Stringer was basically Executive VP of the Barksdale Pharmaceutical Corporation, so having Elba play a tough no-nonsense corporate manager is a perfect fit. While I don’t think Charles Minor is going to be hiring Brother Mouzone to deal with Michael Scott, he was definitely laying down the law. His character reminded me of FRANK GRIMES from The Simpsons episode “HOMER'S ENEMY”, the character who seems to operate in the real world and calls attention to all the craziness of the universe of the TV show. Adding this type of character was brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Sorry if I’m gushing, but I’m just so damn happy to see my man Driis back on TV!

What do you think fair readers? Were you as happy as I was to see Stringer back? Or do you think that he “sucked the humor” out of every scene like some lady from Newsweek said? Are you as bummed as I am that we only get 6 episodes of Driis?


Phillybear said...
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djfivenine said...

Going home with a cute girl, having a great night with her..
and then the next morning she kills your cat because he got in the way of your "relationship" and she steals your parents' phone numbers from your phone and plans on calling them every night to update them on your "relationship."

**Deleted last post because I was logged in as my friend. his lost blogs, they're amazing**

ouizoid said...

Phillybear. You are giving me nightmares!